211 Chadwick Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Nesheemah Kids Yoga Teacher Training (NKYTT)
to Jan 6

Nesheemah Kids Yoga Teacher Training (NKYTT)

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Nesheemah Kids Yoga Teacher Training (NKYTT)

95-hr Yoga Alliance Accredited program under the direction of Nancy Siegel, MA, E-RYT, RCYT

Who is NKYTT for?

This comprehensive program is for yoga instructors, classroom educators, administrators, directors, counselors, physical and occupational therapists, speech  pathologists and anyone who works with children, ages 3-17, and has the mission of bringing out the best in them.

NKYTT trainees learn the many ways that yoga can create joy; promote the healthy physical, emotional and social development of children; and help them develop life-long healthy habits.

Based on current cognitive neuroscience research and evidence based education pedagogy,  NKYTT utilizes the best practices of yoga, mindful education, creative arts and play, precepts of social emotional learning (SEL) and social emotional competency (SEC), and guiding principles of positive psychology.


NKYTT integrates yoga and mindfulness education with the modalities of circus, art, dance, drama, and music to offer an interdisciplinary approach to enriching children’s lives.

Through attainable, relatable, accessible and fun ways to understand yoga for children, participants will graduate with a very valuable toolbox.

Fall 2018 dates: 9 Sundays

October 14 & 28

November 4 & 18

December 2, 9, 16, & 23

January 6

Hours: 10:00-4:00


Location: Freedom Within Yoga

211 Chadwick Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666



$100 non-refundable deposit

PLUS $1700 Early bird tuition

Group school discount for 3 or more teachers.  

Call for more informatio: 201-390-2809, nancysiegelconsulting@gmail.com

To register click HERE.

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to Jul 27

Mindfulness for Educators under the direction of Nancy Siegel, MA, E-RYT, RCYT

Mindfulness for Educators Training makes mindfulness accessible and relatable and easy to implement in the classroom.  The program is founded on the principle that the teacher sets the emotional tone for the classroom and offers participants practical tools to maintain a calm classroom, fostering a harmonious and healthy learning environment.

What is presented in the training: 

Mindfulness Board (1).jpeg

Playful games and exercises that can immediately be implemented into the classroom

Relaxation and calming techniques for stress relief for both teachers and students

Practical ways to promote group cohesion

Transition tools and techniques

ays to modulate energy 

The power and value of silence in the classroom

Creative and effective classroom management tools to foster safety 

Tools for fostering social emotional competence 

Date: July 23-27
Time: 12:00-4:00
Location: Freedom Within Yoga
211 Chadwick Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
Fee:  $50 non-refundable deposit plus 

$475 tuition per person
Group school discount for 3 or more teachers

Call for more informatio: 201-390-2809 or email nancysiegelconsulting@gmail.com

To register click HERE

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7:00 PM19:00

Special Free Oneness Meditation with Catherine Scherwenka and Joyce Sinclair

Join us at Freedom Within Yoga studio, for a special evening of the Oneness Meditation with facilitator/teacher Catherine Scherwenka and Joyce Sinclair.

The Oneness Meditation is simple, and extremely powerful. 

Catherine and Joyce will guide our way through the evening. We will begin the meditation by first settling into ourselves and feeling our own internal state. In an atmosphere of support, we simply connect with our breath and all that is present within our lives. After centering, we will open our eyes and gaze into the eyes of Catherine and Joyce, who will return the gaze, creating a special conduit of energy.

This is the energy that the ancients call ruach or life force energy. When this energy is flowing fully, we feel good, we feel able to meet the difficult challenges in our lives, we are able to more easily forgive and make good decisions. When this energy is able to move freely through our body and mind, we feel our own innate goodness. We feel the interconnectedness with others and the world we live in, we feel the Oneness.

The last part of the Oneness Meditation is the integration. If you have ever practiced yoga, the last part of the practice involves a quiet rest so as to allow the practice to soak into your bones, muscles and spirit, deepening the experience of the practice. Here, we will take a few moments at the end to integrate and anchor our experience. 

The Oneness Meditation is free of charge.

Please RSVP at freedomwithinyoga@gmail.com

211 Chadwick Road, Teaneck NJ (studio around the back of the house)

For more information about the Oneness Meditation – click on workshop link at www.freedomwithinyoga.com
or call 201 960-7408

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Eight week Spring Session with Lateefah!
to Jun 1

Eight week Spring Session with Lateefah!

*NEW* 8-week session of empowerFit 

begins April 1, 2014!

 Tuesdays at 6pm with Lateefah (90 minutes)

Sunrise Yoga
Wednesdays at 6:15am with Lateefah (45 minutes)

Pilates to the Core
Thursdays at 10:00am with Lateefah (55 minutes)

Saturdays at 9am with Lateefah (60 minutes)

Yoga empowerFlow 
Saturdays at 10am with Lateefah (60 minutes)

Curvy Yoga
Sundays at 9am with EJ (60 minutes)

Sundays at 10:15am with Jackie (30 minutes)

To register for class go to: empowerfitwellness.com

Pre-registration is a MUST for classes: $108 per class for the 8-week session. 
For any payment inquiries, please email me.

More classes and more opportunities for you to create your personal wellness experience

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Meditation Workshop! Meditation for Clarity, Serenity and Relaxation
2:00 PM14:00

Meditation Workshop! Meditation for Clarity, Serenity and Relaxation

Would you like more patience with your kids, boss, partner...yourself???

Maybe you need to find a way to give yourself the down-time you need in your fast-paced world. A wonderful way to begin 2014: gathering the tools to help you balance everyday life and your mental sanity!!!

Join Lateefah, empowerFit and Cherie Lambiase January 5th @ 2pm
for an amazing workshop:
Meditation for Clarity, Serenity and Relaxation
$20 in advance, $30 at the door

Go to www.empowerfitwellness.com to pay for workshop in advance. Click on the Pay-Pal link to reserve your spot….Space is limited!!!

Remember: Being well is more than just a good workout. It is a true balance physical fitness, mental clarity and a content heart. 

Workshop held at 
Freedom Within Yoga
211 Chadwick Avenue, Teaneck, NJ
(enter through back of house past parking lot)


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