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Freedom Within Yoga.

Freedom Within Yoga freed my soul during the scariest time of my life. With Carol’s infinite wisdom, she enabled me to slow down my mind and body and focus on the only moment that I was guaranteed of: the present. Freedom Within Yoga is such a gift.
— Rebecca Teplow
Having the experience of having an amazing teacher is what makes one fall in love with the teachings. I am privileged to have such a Yoga teacher. Carol Berlin’s way of teaching is a spiritual and physical combination that creates an uplifting and exciting class. Her creative path and passion towards Yoga is felt in her practice. I love the way we start the class with an intention set to focus on during the actual work and for me it is a wonderful experience each time, I love the focus and the quietness that comes with it. The freedom I feel when I am able to be in the moment is for me feeling like a child again and it is so fun and happy.

Coming to a Yoga class is the best gift I can offer myself. Thank you Carol for generosity.
— Sharon Schur
carol is a special being, dear friend, and a gifted yoga teacher.
— Zivar Amrami
It is a real treat for me to experience Carol Berlin’s yoga classes! Her yoga studio has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with melodic chimes at the entrance, immediately filling me with a sense of peace and calm. Carol shows a genuine interest in each student, generously attends to each individual’s needs and provides clear step by step instructions which are easy to follow. Carol modifies the poses for me, showing me how to avoid injury. Carol is a yoga master, has been studying yoga extensively for many years and is very knowledgeable. I find the classes to be fun and non- competitive, challenging the most advanced student, as well as introducing basics and guiding the beginner. Each class is an original creation by Carol, encompassing relevant themes, such as current events, spiritual thoughts and personal ideas. I can always identify with her theme of the day. Her teachings are full of wisdom, encouraging everyone to break free of self destructive patterns and to gain focus and control. Attending Carol’s classes regularly gives me more strength, flexibility and endurance. I come away after every class feeling serene, refreshed, energized and enriched.
— Leah Raab
I started attending Carol’s classes when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life.

Practicing yoga with Carol has been a major part of my healing process, bringing me peace and clarity. I always leave Freedom Within Yoga feeling centered and alive. It has not only made me a stronger person physically, but spiritually as well.

I am always looking forward to attending the next class.
— Zahava Markovic