Freedom Within Yoga studio in Teaneck New Jersey.

Jewish yoga and Yoga for women is experienced spiritual and meditation yoga for your body and emotional healing.


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Every Jewish month contains a unique energy. This new month of Tevet comes on the very last day of Chanukah, the festival of light, miracles, and deep trust in the Divine.
Chanukah takes place in the month of Kislev, the month we are invited to relax into trust, like that last pose of the yoga practice where all the poses, thoughts, and experiences become released into pure awareness. Then, before the eight days of Chanukah are over, the month of Kislev turns into Tevet, the month of anger.

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Yoga is my passion.

I have seen for myself what changes are possible from taking on a yoga practice. My breath is fuller, I feel physically stronger, and my whole nervous system has calmed way down.

I teach yoga from what I know and what I know is this—conscious breathing, moving through the yogic postures, meditation and contemplation helps us to become stronger and more supple. These practices help us evolve. Slowing down and creating space inside ourselves helps us to connect deeper to ourselves, to the people around us, and to the world community in which we live.