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Reflections In Teaneck for the month of Shevat - Formula For Growth

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. – Martha Graham

 Carpet geometry, Carol Berlin

The Kabbalists offer two types of Divine energies that come into play inside this month of Shevat. At first glance they may seem disparate but with further investigation they actually blend and reflect each other beautifully.

The first Divine energy is that of serving and nurturing. Within the fertile ground of this month, there is the potential to powerfully call in the Divine source, to pull it in close, to receive it and nurture it. There is room to create a seed of an intention within me and then nurture it to grow in this watery darkness.

The second Divine energy is that of leadership. The word Shevat, itself means the rod of the ruler. This month is an opportune time to recognize my inner authority and power.

It seems to me there is a formula for growth being offered: intention + effort + Divine grace, bears fruit and profound change.

At one point, not too long ago, I found myself in a relationship of (let’s say) “strong dislike” of someone. I had experienced emotional pain and rejection from this person in several different ways, and I had also very likely projected a lot of my own stuff on this person that may or may not have even belonged to them. I had an intense desire to resolve these hateful feelings within myself and be completely free of it, but couldn’t seem to wiggle my way out.

Wallpaper wilderness, Carol Berlin

My yoga teacher and mentor suggested I commit to a ‘forgiveness practice’: direct your prayer to this person for 40 days. At the end of your daily meditation, see this person in your mind's eye and pray for them. Pray for this person’s sense of happiness and fulfillment, for this person’s health, and for this person’s financial success. My teacher told me that at the end of 40 days, the practice would bear fruit; there would be a change. I set out to do what my teacher said. Every day I prayed for this person as I would pray for someone I loved very much. On several occasions I saw this person while I was out and about. There was never any exchange between us, but I did feel a different sort of connection that was brewing within me, like I was involved in a secret mission that was very important. It made me feel empowered to be in service to this person. I also felt my own authority as I was no longer wasting good brain space circling through all the ways this person hurt me. True to what my teacher said, by the end of the 40 days, the practice bore fruit. The hatred had dissolved, thanks in part to Divine grace, creating space for new intention and possibility. I found the practice to be profound and I return to my heart with gratitude and a sense of empowerment.

This article was originally published in New Moon Project blog http://newmoonproject.org/formula-for-growth/